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The official framing of the mass formation “phenomenon” is misleading and wrong. The false hope-addicted psychologists and their acolytes want you to believe this is “just some temporary occasional” madness by the masses that has been going on since only about the 20th century when it is but a spike of a CHRONIC madness going on for aeons with “civilized” people — The 2 Married Pink Elephants in the Room

One of these mainstream psychologists who have been spreading this whitewashed reality, Dr. Desmet, also fails to see that the Covid Psyop is a TOTALLY deliberate ploy because he doesn’t think (after more than 1 year, even 2 years, into this total scam!) it’s ALL intentionally sinister. This makes him witting or unwitting controlled opposition.

Worst of all, perhaps, the mass formation/mass psychosis notion frames the problem as the public being a mere unaccountable non-culpable victim in this phenomenon. Nothing could be further from the truth (see referenced source above)…

[…] “solution” that is not working as promised. The result is a continuation of Dr. Matthias Desmet mass formation psychosis theory and the only solution is to allow dissenting views to surface and wake up the […]