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I always understood that the spike protein is cytotoxic according to Robert Malone. Frances Boyle asked the question, how can you have a gain of function vaccine for a a gain of function virus? And the vaccine is the bio weapon. I tried to re reference this and can’t find this any more. I have purchased his book Biowarfare and Terrorism in case that becomes “ hard to find”. Worth a read.
Merogenomics Covid 19 mRNA. Vaccine update 18. YouTube. Major game changer in Molecular biology. Swedish Study about a month ago. Spike protein in vaccine enters the nucleus of the cells. Vaccine down regulates DNA repair? Implications for immune system? The hardest part of all this to me is not getting my head around all the intricate science, we have cleaver people explain it to us, but trying to imagine how the dots join in any other way than bio weapon.
The more the world renowned scientists believe this is wrong, and so bravely call it out, the faster the vaccine is pushed out. I have good reason to believe this is (unthinkably) a bio weapon. There is no available logic out there to indicate it is not. Hope this is of help.

Dr Been has on YouTube a medical lecture with diagrams explaining the entry of the spike protein into the nucleus of the cells.

A few months ago, I was researching, what is the vaccine? I looked amongst many articles. I looked to see on Duck Duck Go what Francis Boyle had to say. Frances Boyle said; the virus is gain of function and the vaccine is the bio weapon. I did not too easily dismiss this. Francis Boyle’s credentials are impeccable and he has all the appearances as totally genuine. I can’t find that particular video now. Frances Boyle has a book out now, Biowarfare and Terrorism. Interestingly enough, the term gain of function has been deleted from the NIH website about a month ago and also the definition of the vaccine has been changed to include novel vaccines which many scientists believe to be gene therapy and not a vaccine. I’d call it gene bugger up. Hope this is helpful,