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It was difficult for me to understand why there are so many people who are following paths of spiritual enlightment and higher consciousness who, in the end, couldn’t wait to get the jabs, as fast as they were available to obtain all of them, even after the results of the resulting genetic and chemical carnage were made available to them even before they chose to take them anyway. Finally I realized that many are weary enough– from the battle of trying to live, either successfully or just barely scraping by–on the present earth and its nonstop challenges, that the shots offer them the promise of a quick means of “extraction” in the belief that this can be done without their being held spiritually responsible for making any such personal choice of “suicide,” instead, blaming their shortened lifespans on the expected result of the vaxes made and mandated by untouchable authority figures evil outsiders insisting everybody get them as safe. Depression can do strange things to one’s sense of discrimination and the choices one makes.