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There has been no continuity in any message or approaches. All but (only) 6 people that I know have been Jbb’d. I have already started saying my good-byes, gently letting go of a great many that will pass for the choice to believe a string of lies. Those responsible, rely on people not being educated (even about basic health) ~and~ people have shorter and shorter attention spans, where their muted message(s) being telegraphed globally are impacting the globe, without greater awareness… Constant fear, keeps people locked into (fight or flight) reactive brain stem, with instinct. Logic and empathy are no longer a functioning part of with mind. TURN OFF THE TV sets!!!

Thank you for responding and for a rich resource of a website. “you” catch things, that I somehow miss and/or are heavily shadow-banned. Not sure how far I can go here. (you) can delete comment.

The heavy amounts of graphene as a/the base, in our systems (Jbb or not) is conductive, up to very high frequency ranges. Think of it like advanced copper wiring, that is self assembling antennas and electrical circuits within. Include a wide spectrum of matter, mixed DNA from a variety of animals… >>>there is a great amount of interference<<< as a complex range of profound physiological / morphological changes are taking place in all humans, especially in the Jbb’d

People are confused, cognitively congested… [not even talking about 3rd to 4th density spiritual transition unfolding] as you said BY DESIGN.

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