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This truly frightening eXposé ineffably boggles’n freezes the mind, as it shatters one’s reality consensus paradigm. . . Thank-you Đrs. Jane Ruby and Tau Braun for your co§mic clarion call to fight, that is, wake-up,stand-up and call-out humanity’s despicably malevolent enemy with courage and might! Said wouldbe mass murderers desperately need to be taught a unforgettable lesson on what’s permissible versus not. €vil is dismissible as most would agree . . . Pfffft! ⚡️👍⚡️

I hope Dr. Braun is interviewed by someone else very soon because Dr. Ruby was not able to remain focused and calm. She is usually excellent but she constantly interrupted Dr. Braun and would not let him speak. If you don’t have enough time to interview someone then have them back when you do have enough time. I would have walked out on Dr. Ruby on this interview and this Part II was better than Part I which was a disaster. I look forward to seeing Dr. Braun interviewed by someone who knows how to listen.