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Ardis speaks of organoids as being the tissue or organ that generates the spike proteins.

(unofficial view) An educated guess/hunch, that organoids .are. in the cocktail, as seen in numerous slides (R. O. Young) has shown of the materials present. To me it looked like organoids in the bloodwork. R.O.Y. made no mentions of “serpents” up to this point.

“Organoids can function independent of host, and are most “active” in cold temperatures.” I wonder IF they are in the sauce? and/or IF they are being integrated into human anatomy?
One would think our body temps are too high to permit this prospect. *I can only hope.

Dr. Buttar was the first loud voice of reason early on in this charade, he has been (we got this!) supportive, consistent and unvarying in his perspectives. I am sure that I have caught “the cold” several times, in fact I have one now, triple vaxxed neighbor was open mouth sneezing and coughing near me. Now having chest, sinus, inner ear, balance issues, body aches, sleep issues (did I cover enough, it all) I am not jabbed, have robust natural immunity.

Summer Cold fortified with unknown spike proteins makes for interesting symptoms.

I have lost any remaining hope for modern medicine. Allopathic health practices have failed on every count… “they” let this happen, being asleep at the wheel and promoting wretched practices… over my entire lifetime. Naturopathy is the way!!!

As per Buttar: Vitamin C, Vit. A, N.A.C., zinc, selenium, (I periodize) colloidal silver and “poor on” Ivermectin, 5 days on, several weeks off. Bromelain enzyme a potent proteolytic, to fluidity, help reduce and expel mucus and to break down any *bacterial chains, keeping them from proliferating. *virus’s do not exist. It has effectively leveled off as being more like heavy Summer allergies. In fact it could only be that??

Seeing the headline Ardis and Buttar is awesome, and was really insightful 2 + 2 = 6 compounding of knowledge. The great people are heroes. Buttar (insights) directly impacting my health and well being.