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A great documentary, highlighting truths of the technology leaping off the edge of the remainder of sanity. I love any content by Truthstream Media, they are fantastic storytellers, backpack / independent journalism and content like this rules…

I work on, design and build (music related) electronics. The prospect of product failures, with no means for repair… is what lead me to study, model and build my own equipment… which I am certain I can create and maintain my dreams for a lifetime. Think about a(ny) electronic device that requires astronomical medical cost and huge liabilities surrounding it. No mater how “novel” that tech might be, I would not go near it… design, invest in, or install, based on ethics alone.

I WILL NEVER HAVE TECH INSTALLED INSIDE MY BODY! seen too many blue screens in my lifetime, have not used a Windows OS computer for over a decade, I hate blue screen(s) of death. *We already have (nano) tech inside us… grumble.

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