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My take-away, there is nothing to support actual mRNA in any of the shots (posing half question/ half statement) Life in the 180 = complete flip(s) in the script(s)… this we know, it is really another big fat lie. Should we keep count??

Another UNknown component, how this juice reacts with human physiology, not just in-vitro (as seen). *not a complaint. The best example is given by Dr. Robert O Young and/or Mike Adams… and it isn’t pretty.

So, this is like “the cake mix” where you add milk and egg, maybe butter… to realize a finished product, done randomly? with frequencies? utterly haphazardly? I am sorry but I, with an engineering mindset / perspective am perplexed. I tend not to lay out my printed circuit boards and solder the components in the dark, kind of just feeling my ways around. willy nilly.

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I really like and trust her perspectives and she is a small portion of hard truth resources that I follow. She is an excellent instructor, very linear and complete in the range of what she covers. I struggled with a few things she said. but feel she has to find a line of expression that can illuminate, but will not risk censorship or scrutiny by nay-sayers. She spells it out. **I did not catch your comment, sorry for delay in responding. It is only a matter of time. I am already saying many good-byes (in my mind) in prayers.