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Enhancing conductivity in the human body… among many things. While interfering with / likely short circuiting the innate electrical systems in the human body. Inorganic matter has not place, should not be in any injected medications. They state that due to the increased production capacity, that “production components” or cellular debris will be found in the end result in higher percentages. In a vehicle, impure / unwanted debris in the gas, impedes operation, performance and life. In sensitive electronics, noise on the line is huge! Affecting ground planes, logic and control, and system performance on every level… Befouling the human organism with impunity.

Different batches, the individual lot numbers, indicate what is in the individual batches, “safe neighbor hood distribution” and placebo with “Graphene only”, needed for the Graphennas being assembled in this physiological conscription process…

*Thread hog here – sorry folks.