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Although I subscribe to a great many positions within the anti-government and anti-media narratives, I work from a much broader and precise frame of reference and context which looks at the underlying psychology, philosophy, and ultimate objectives of those responsible for this global event. I am on neither side because I have asserted, for several decades, that both sides have fundamental destructive pathologies and have had a distaste, also for decades, for the obscenity called “Normality” which all are keen to resume, not recognizing that the very normality they so desire is what led them to this predicament in the first place and will not protect them from the next. Humanity, in my estimation and experience, is notable for its breathtaking underperformance. I have dedicated over half a century to developing solutions to such underperformance but as people are all too fond of reminding me, “no one’s interested!”. Make of that what you will, as I care not a solitary Iota. I will discuss if you or your audience can formulate any intelligent questions.