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HIGH level med-scientists/doctors (including Dr Wagh double Phd – virology and immunology, Dr Yeadon, Dr Merritt, Dr Cahill & ors) state, that there are no respiratory viruses – viruses are non existent – cf Dr’s Sam & Mark Bailey & ors). And all toxshots are chemical weapons – no virus, no mrna and no spike protein. Bogus PCR & face diapers do nothing but cause harm. ONE: Med-scientists have found a “unique type of protein” in synthetic venom (snake/other) in the toxshots. See Italian study: “Toxin-like peptides in plasma, urine and fecal samples from Covid-19 patients”. Synthetic venom is easily dispersed in water, air, food & toxshots/boosters. TWO: Med-scientists have found much toxic heavy metals including reduced graphene oxide in every toxshot/booster no matter what brand (2300+ tested- 20+ scientists), and along with nano hydrogel particles = systemic inflammation, organ and neurological damage- blood clotting etc. THUS: synthetic venom, reduced graphene oxide and heavy metal toxicity (+ 5G) = emergent chronic illnesses – “long covid”, fatigue, infertility, miscarriages, cancers, diabetes, heart damage – myocarditis etc, blood clotting, string clotting, HIV, autoimmune & prion disease, neurological problems, shingles, super flu, chickenpox, monkey pox etc., immune system failure, death – sudden in adults and children. Unvaxxed get similar, sickness by transmitting of graphene oxide through breath and skin – cf the blood of unvaxxed children living with vaxxed parents have graphene oxide assembling the in their blood (Dr Hoffe and ors).    DETOX- immune system supplements – FLCCC, Dr Ardis, Dr Zelenko, Dr Love, Dr Merritt and ors– (cf Ivermectin – Hydroxychloroquine – Chlorine Dioxide for water). Read the Bible about the light of life – John chap 1.