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Outstanding video clip and information. Good learning/instructional model of the dialog, helping to fill in more enormous gaps in the story, as people are fed up and starting to speak out in great numbers… speaking around engrained narratives. None of this ~ playing out ~ makes any sense, driving me to study like I’m cramming for finals… working toward A+++ grade immunity.

I am nearing a point of information saturation… which is good, it means power, remaining .in control. of my health and sanity. >>>ignoring the news<<< It is becoming difficult to build further (in most cases) studying the global madness the past few years by any traditional news content and even worthy on-line resources… especially with valid internet content “disappearing” by the day.

With a Father as a Doctor, I have spent my entire adult lifetime STUDYING / PRACTICING experiential learned models around human physiology, immunology, endocrinology, advanced diet and nutrition, herbal medical with focus on NATUROPATHY the past 40 years. My training lead me to the holistic or the entirety of health / diet / activity, working to reinforce innate immunity. * I went over 30 years of my life with NO ANTIBIOTICS. The 08-09 floo jbb, made me ridiculously sick, they prescribed me CIPRO, a very dangerous AB (destroys connective tissue = irreparably) I was a lifetime athlete / advanced bodybuilder, UP TO THAT POINT. I am angry for being injured = damaged for life! over being “handled” with ever worsening (mis)treatment(s).

Most “modern” doctors know less about us, than we do about ourselves. I am my own best doctor, that has given up on all allopathic modeled treatment. IT MAKES NO SENSE!

**To think, in this time, I am (not gloating) fortunate my injuries were “as minor”, compared to the experimental campaign shredding societies and peoples lives. I cannot believe that so many trust their well-being to . t . h . i . s . ?

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