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OK, the mentions of thrombosis was a trigger for me. I had to comment… The first autopsy I experienced with my father, was an infant that died of Renal Vein Thrombosis! In hind site I could imagine that this “clot” which shut down the kidneys, could easily be formed, or caused with Jbb, the pin cushion baby syndrome. People need to start thinking of using enzymes, to break down, advanced protein chains forming within their bodies. Specifically medicinal use of proteolytic enzymes, bromelain a long term favorite of mine (season bronchitis, respiratory tract infections) years of public exposure and air travel, took a toll on me.

The fibrinogen growths we are hearing about, might be resolved by $$$ lumbrokinase or $ Nattokinase, fairly “new supplements on the block” that show promising results for the “worm clots” we are seeing. If I were jbb’d, I would be taking them, for certain…

I am taking 2,000 mgs. of N.A.C. daily, to drive the glutathione levels (ala’ Dr. Buttar) It is an amazing supplement, for inflammation and to drive immunity, as stated by all that are informed.