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(I struggle saying this…) The numbers make sense 1 in 4 people with adverse reaction(s) = to a nearly forced experiment. The prospects for shedding, with time, beyond enormous. Global dosing of communicated, magnified and liberated spike proteins among the entire population??? Most that are effected (my entire family) will do anything but face this mounting reality, being more accustomed to and comfortable looking away. I have stopped trying to help people with the resources, those of us, the studied have taken a great amount of time to amass… though I think [hope!] more are coming around.

*I am a proponent of the synthesized snake venom peptide modeled illness, being a significant portion of this mess. I DO ..NOT.. BELIEVE that humans are capable of creating [the entire BS narrative] spike proteins… any more than bats… Frozen for storage??? Organelles inject into the bodies, churning and burning s.s.v.p. bombs, is way more plausible. WHO really knows, but only “they” do.

Very few things make sense, they are not meant to in the fabric of his’story being created, woven and written.

Thank you for adding EMF to the topic, I tried to stay somewhat concise. I may have already said this… I am hardwiring my entire home internet, I have 2.4Ghz router, with an ON/OFF switch, for use on one *accounting* bill paying tablet. I am super concerned about certain, but as of yet to be defined EMF exposure… as extensively covered by Robert O. Young, a first class resource on this topic. I no longer own or use a microwave (for a number of reasons) one being EMF hazards. Denaturing food seems nearly minor, by comparison.