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Wow man, just WOW. I almost did not watch this video, having seen nearly all of Johns video presentations. All are good. This was a most worthy time spent. “Blood and guts” rarely rattle me, his descriptions of the process of embalming and prepping the people with problems, kind of bothered me. I could not imagine the trauma, that has been imposed at the end of a highly flawed process…

I have been using Proteolytic Enzymes for over 30 years, as a body builder, I consumed a lot of food. Protein digesting enzymes grew into (nearly) a part of daily routines. $$ Bromelain had a many fold benefit, helping with tissue turn-over, bruising, wounds, inflammation and promotes faster healing. MOST IMPORTANTLY, with regular use, I no longer suffered from seasonal bronchitis, lagging respiratory issues. Taken at the first sign of a sore throat, tight chest, coming chest cold [now called CV1984] Bromelain kept these bacterial chains [viruses do not exist!] from proliferating, “the bug” never got deeper into my lungs… I never went to the hospital with Pneumonia [now called CV….] that is until my first and only flu shot. I digress, another story but related…

ENZYMES – are vital to our physiology, They are precursors to many metabolic activities. John gives complete descriptions of the fibrinogen based growths, that .will not. respond to blood thinners. For inflammation (I use cinnamon and ginger), not the daily aspirin. Enzymes with targeted properties like $ Nattokinase or $$$ Lumbrokinase are specific to fibrinogen based growths… may serve to limit them building up within the Jbb’d ~and~ may serve to protect (me) the unjabbed from the mess infecting the global population, which could be placing us at risk. I am uncertain how shedding of unknowns affect others. I have gotten sick from proximal exposure a neighbor 3 times jabbed. He had bacterial “Pneumonia” as stated by an honest “country doctor”. I caught his chest cold + + spike proteins? Vaids ??? who really knows?

Why thank you for commenting, I appreciate it. I have (all but) stopped talking about this, people are so checked out, seem unable to learn or to care about learning. Most can barely manage a simple, well thought out diet. Not being snarky, people seem to only be feeding their mouths, “do not know how” to eat = to adequately feed their bodies. What people put into their bodies, is / will become ever increasingly possible.

Carefully typing, details like this at YT will only mean people will never see it… as truth is being stifled everywhere. I feel safe communicating truthfully and about topics (here) we all need to know more about, HOPEFULLY we can make a difference, one impression at a time.

! ! ! PLEASE ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY ! ! ! be / stay safe !

*ever increasingly important* spell check mangles expression / the meaning.
I am so fed up with A I, all up into everything we try to do…