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I like this video, strongly identify with him. I am not currently speaking with any of my siblings, they don’t reach out to me. I am most reluctant to reach out to them, almost as a form of entanglement… Frankly, I struggle to call family and most friends (regularly) I am afraid of what I may be told about (people passing away) my old home town. Everyone I know (that knows me well) is aware of my heavily studied foundations of a lifelong belief in naturopathy, with immunology, endocrinology, physiology and chemistry, at my core. I do not push it on others, too many are too busy in life to learn more about diet, nutrition and general health *not being snarky… It has become an impossibly steep learning curve for many, “for us” even attempt instruction. When the masses have been lied to about everything, it becomes impossible to untie their knots, from the foundations upward..

All I know are (juiced) the same, of the same belief, have increasingly gaslighted me about my views, including this… for some it can border a yelling match, figuratively speaking. The 2 friends that I am closest to, and in physical proximity to, are both 3x juiced… I become ill for a period of weeks after… I assume that it is tied to all juiced people are shedding *something*. I limit my social interactions and contact, for an increasing number of reasons.