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A portion of why my father chose Pathology, he did not want the added complexity of caring for the living, with family members, at times “unrealistic people” concerned for their loved ones. Reasoning a cause of death, far easier than caring for (mostly no-compliant) patients. Might sound harsh or even sort of sick. I get it… Can you imagine now??? the implications of caring for and recommending treatments for z z z = Likely reprisals of this mess.

When I got sick from a 08-09 Flu shot… BTW, I got VERY SICK, I did not even talk much with my PCP, as an Osteopath, he was fairly progressive. But could not grasp my declining condition. Fibromyalgia as the main words to describe what they could not readily see.

Researching treatments for Guillian Barre Syndrome or even worse, devolving into MS, were wretched anti-virals. A vicious loop, complete waste of time… heaping on more meds, confusing the body even further. I refuse to be BIG pHARMas lifelong patient, for an illness “they” caused.

They should be afraid, not of me, the many recently .sick’end. people.