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Hello, I work with expanded consciousness and it is not surprising that the lady was seeing snakes and strange, frightening faces…when one takes anything which is damaging to the physical body, and particularly the false light jab, it blows huge holes in the person’s consciousness, destroys parts of their cosmic ladder, and dark entities use this opportunity to enter the energy fields of the person. The dark feed off the life-force energy of our DNA codes. We are all having our energy fields attacked by dark forces every day.
I recommend others ask their heart intelligence (Infinite Self) and Infinite Love/Source/The God of Love for help. This request brings the help in to conquer the dark forces. LOVE conquers all. Remember, Love will not impose itself unless called upon, so it is important to remember “make the request, LOVE does the rest”. Make this your mantra every morning upon awakening, each afternoon, and evening, before sleep. My bitchute channel covers many topics about our consciousness and how it is being attacked. This is a war on our spirit, first and foremost. I enclose a link which I hope you don’t mind me sharing, called:
“Heart Connection |Stepping Away From The Chaos | |
It is free to use and helpful for clearing the energy fields of everyone, particularly those who are suffering from vax damage or those who regret taking the vax. Essentially, it provides a safe place for all to relax and connect to their own inner wisdom and to LOVE for protection and repair.
May I also add that a huge die-off is presently happening and many are going to realise the truth about the deception. I am already hearing news in my personal circle of contacts, many are reporting illness, or death of loved ones. We need to act NOW, to be brave, and risk annoying others by gently telling them what has been happening. The World Council For Health is a group of UK doctors and scientists who are helping others to become aware of the issues and are offering simple advice on how to detox on their channel. They have recently featured an airline pilot’s perspective and you may wish to share this on your blog as it is very insightful.Here is the link:
“Captain Alan Dana: The Implications of the Experimental Injections on Air Travel” | |
I am here to help others who are struggling with damage caused by vax and can assure everyone that you are not the weaker side. You are all here because you volunteered to be here at this time of the Great Awakening to ensure that all souls get safely home and are accounted for in preparation for the next Out Breath cycle of expansion.

You may not remember any of this, but if you are here, you volunteered to be here to help.

Find out what you came here to do. What special gifts did you bring to help all life here?

Ask your heart and Infinite LOVE for help and I assure you, the answers and solutions to all these complex issues are inside your own heart centres. You are NOT the weaker side. The dark don’t want us to know how powerful we are when we call through our hearts for LOVE to help us.

The answers are simple…sit quietly at home and ask for help, for the truth to reach the masses so that they can understand the virus pandemic is a deception. Then we can start to rebuild and help those who are suffering.

Be spiritually prepared for many to leave, including those who have harmed the most.

The Cosmic Laws apply to all of us. Focus on Peace, LOVE, and Unity surrounding all, particularly those who are leaving. May LOVE light the way and may they all have a safe journey home.

Thank you for your excellent blog!

Thank you so much! I have always had trouble when sharing any Truths…things go missing and end up in the strangest of places. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I have an upgraded easy heart connection for all.

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Thank you for all you are doing to help awaken humanity. Your website is an excellent place for up-to-date and informative information. I know how hard you will be working to source and upload everything…it is very time consuming. Thank you for all your endeavours!

Kindest wishes, Claire


The ET Agenda For Non Humanism, By Humanoid Leaders Of Non Human Origins | | Download from Odysee to re-upload elsewhere: |

YOUR TRUE POWER SWITCH | SIMPLE HEART CONNECTION UPGRADE | 20 NOV 2022 | Many thanks for all your efforts to get me up and running on your website. If I can do anything to help please do not hesitate to ask. Yes, we must do what we can to support everyone’s earnest efforts to protect a highly vulnerable humanity. I have posted today. You may find the link interesting. It can be downloaded from Odysee too, if heart is guided. Thank you once again!

This truly is the most “evil” terror being forced upon the earth. God have mercy.

This is all nonsense. I am currently in China (Nov 2022) I have been here 9 years. I have told every employer that I am not vaccinated, and will not been vaccinated. This position has never been challenged. Vaccines are not compulsory in China, (though they are strongly encouraged). I have travelled across China from Guangzhou to Jiangsu recently without difficulty. You can look on and you will see that currently the vast majority of countries will accept unvaccinated visitors from China. Where can I travel to? Travel Restrictions by Country | KAYAK