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Technology within us ? ? With emerging technologies, ever steepening learning curves to reason advances clearly (too many would argue against as crazy sounding notions) T. C. comments about military use of a direct human interface to electronica [my words]. Again, it sounds far fetched… until considering the scope of what we .are. witnessing unfolding. Todd’s perspective always registers with me, pushes me to think… beyond any comfort zones.

All of the swiftly promoted aspects of how we have seen this .in use. for 10-15 years, without much consideration to what it truly represents. I had the app on my EYE Phone, placing near the bed while sleeping to monitor sleep habits, cycles… While a complete nightmare… consider the sorts of data compiled over time. If tech can watch [monitor our electrical fields] while sleeping, it can influence us… be (silently) active or activated at any time.

Now consider fairly narrow range of ways wireless interfaces occur. *Found in the first sentence. A range of elements, combinations of elements, forming functional working networks… based on what already “lies within” over many years, the RAW elements are increasingly within all of us. I struggled to grasp how these “branded devices” from A., fruity electronics giant, actually worked… It is not simply that these devices “are so damned smart”, there is much more to consider… what they are designed to do and do well.

We are electrical beings, emit our own unique “signature glow”, increasingly being read by a range of devices (think mesh networks)… Most touch screens work through a ..capacitive coupling.., where our electrical fields are at play directly. Engaging Blue Tooth and/or WiFi extends the(ir) sensory (b)reach. It takes and will take much faster networks (5./6.) to bring it all together, that sure sounds familiar. They say we want faster movie “downloads”… actually *UP-loads (of us!) if we flip the(ir) narratives 180.

Increasing risks of carrying cell phones, always having them nearby, with network access through data plans, extends that interface, (b)reach and intrusion… bringing a new range of considerations to the equation. With what they ARE DOING NOW and what they will be doing [have planned] in the future. I carry no data plan, WiFi and BT deactivated on an older EYE PHONE, trying to limit this data pathway. I won’t play. This is long sorry. Thank you or reading if you got this far…