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I want to thank Dr. M for making this possible, feel both honored and humbled by the interest (including me) in promoting his platform for sharing, in an exchange, with hopefully increased core concept development on complex topics with highly esoteric prospects of a life unfolding around us. Big things lie ahead on “the radar map of human life”, we all will need an increased base level of understanding to reason so many things that are new to us… in an emerging awareness .not. found in books, texts or ancient teachings.

Frankly, I am not the most comfortable being recorded, mostly due to my more synaptic ways of thinking and manners of expression… where I struggle to keep linear, on diverse and interrelated topics with intent to build a (tech talk) base and adding to it. I ask for your patience with me, do encourage and welcome any feedback as I(we) work through, making the most of challenges of an electronic exchange medium.

I feel confident in sharing my ideas, *though anything “in the present” is a real struggle to call a FACT, as the escalation of technology (behind our backs) is many many years beyond what is a current theme of any MSM narratives, sadly even most formalized education (of today). I rarely approach speaking on topics, without a firm grasp of the subject… I ask you to please understand, these ..are sound ideas.., as formative aspects of reasoning, that ~ is in development ~ as we are ..all learning together..

The ways we collectively make the most of this forum/medium is by sharing and building viable knowledge amongst us. Let’s build our own “metaphysical” mesh networks, independent of “them” or theirs… developing our (little known) scalar embodiments within. Thank you for your attention, please do stay tuned.