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Free will – don’t give your ‘consent’ to those who want to attack you through a ‘biological takeover mission’ to ‘control’ your mind, body, and soul.

Your free will can refuse or accept this option but be aware…to ‘comply’ means you are using your free will to give the nanotechnologies permission to control you.

Without your free will to consent, they cannot control you.

Refuse entry, deny consent, don’t give your power away= no control.

Being creative can prevent control…

The elite are using energy in ways that control us…this involves feeding us with fear dramas, e.g., “storm due”, (if enough humans create that reality through fear, then the storm comes, “snow due”…if enough humans create that image and believe it, snow comes, “virus pandemic due”, if enough believe that they create that scenario.

Be creative, be tactical, and beat the elite at their own game:

…create the world you imagine you wish to peacefully live in.

Raise the frequency by creativity to imagining a happy, healthy and peaceful free world and raise us all up out of this nightmare…

Leave this ‘digital hell’ (created by those intent on harming all life), to the ones who created this ‘prison’ for us…Let them live here and leave them to deal with those who wish to destroy us all.

It was their choice and they could have stopped, but they chose not to.

Creation and imagination are our birthrights. Humans have the ability to recreate anything. The power of LOVE gave us the authority to do this to help us correct any errors we may have made so that we always work within the boundaries of The Cosmic Laws.

The game has ended, The Great Awakening has begun in earnest, this day 25 December 2022.

We must use our free will and our creative imagination to recreate a peaceful world. It is possible…it just needs your commitment to focus, some paper and a few colouring pencils!

Informed consent was not given.