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I will watch ANYTHING with Todd Callendar, even if a repeat, a short soundbite, snippet or edit… always learn from this .brave. man. Thanks for sharing!!! People need to see / hear Todds perspectives. An(y) intelligent could not easily argue his points… stands to benefit.

[ SADLY ] I have given up trying to share this type of information… Mass Formation is at play, people “will come at you”, argue and fight relentlessly… as the Jbb effected will do everything “to prove otherwise” ie. spend more time in dispute than learning about a complex topic, so far beyond the general masses knowledge…

They are so easily bamboozled by word salad narratives originated by MDs?(people calling themselves doctors) paid actors, even big names, reinforcing utter nonsense largely promoted by the TeLIEvision. Think how the entire CV1984 narrative was started by Tom and Rita, the fakers… on the take.