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Hey Marc, I like the idea of a format as you suggest. I am honored by your suggestion and added prospects of abilities to share, in a platform like yours. I am a little afraid of what I might say… ongoing pervasive sense of restraint, has my sense of expression coiled like a spring. My entire interest is along the lines of learning from and in helping others grow, hopefully some to make a bigger leap(s) into greater awareness. IF we can spark interest in a single person, they share and share = our awareness grows.

Building the coherence of group thought, an analog of, or very much like group meditation, in raising the vibrations of all, within that circle and in concentric circles to others… We are all we have… (folks, that is significant!)

Most excellent expression, thank you for sharing in a very personal way.
Great respects to you!

You sort off touched on what is a prospect and “things” that may be… becoming a part of BIG pHARMa treatment regimen, with what “they say” lies ahead. I have wondered about the numbers, the inflated? reality… totally apart from any form of modern media nonsense.

If they would lie about a thing or two… why not make up everything.
(I believe is the case) life IN the 180.