Senator Cruz Ted Introducting The Witnesses

Dr John Christy Testimony: The Climate System Already Is Subject To Changes Without The Influence of Humans

Dr Judith Curry Testimony: Man-Made Global Warming Is Just Groupthink, There Is No Scientific Consensus On It.

Dr William Happer: Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Benefits The World

Mr Mark Steyn Testimony: The Role of State In Standing Firm For The Most Expansive Definition of Free Speech And Against The Abuse of Government Funds in Name of Global Warming

Dr. David Titley (Rear Admiral, USN (ret.)): Global Warming, A Threat to U.S. Security

Senator Cruz Ted Critically Evaluating The Climate Date Presented And Addressing The Ostracization of Dissenting Voices About Global Warming

Senator Cruz: Seven Facts Presented In the Hearing About Earth’s Climate Change

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