Fourth Press Conference: 5 MEPS responding to Ursula von der Leyens proposal to talk about mandatory vaccination in the EU 08 Dec 2021.

Francesca Donato (Italy) – Restoration of the Freedom of Human Rights and Not for Shame

Stasys Jakeliunas (Lituania) – A Pandemic of PCR Test and Fear

Christine Anderson (Germany) – I am simply doing my job! I cannot be bought off. Securing a future for my children in a free and democratic society, You cannot possibly put a price tag on that.

Vilibor Sincic (Croatia) – No, you cannot mandate these medical products

Cristian Terheş (Romania) Ursula von der Leyens is questioning the basic fundamental rights of every citizen and human being living inside the EU

Questions and Answers Session

Videos Source: MEP Cristian Terheş

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